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>gefilte fish vs. kamaboko

If you debone a white fish, puree the meat, and cook it into a firm cake, what do you call it?

The Japanese call a version of it kamaboko, and the Jews call a version of it gefilte fish. Then there are numerous types of Chinese white fish balls we won't get into here.

kaba or gama (cattail, bulrush) + hoko (halbert) = kamaboko

Common sightings of kamaboko include bowls of oden, Hawaiian noodle soup called saimin (which is even offered by McDonald's) served with other nerimono (a more general word for "kneaded" paste or jelly)

Sightings of gefilte fish
on a Seder table. I can't tell you if Moses would have dined on gefilte fish among the bulrushes.

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  1. I loooooooove your blog!!!
    i remember as a child I ate kamaboko
    and I couldn't emember the name!!!