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>yummmmmy bar code design

Noodles with chopsticks - brillllllllliant. (Courtesy of Bar Code Revolution)


>Mont Blanc cupcake - a faux "spaghetti" treat

Have you ever tried Spaghettieis ("spaghetti ice")?

It's a sweet ice cream dessert that delights in fooling you into thinking it could be vermicelli.

A somewhat similar "pasta" confection is still popular as Mont Blanc, a delectable cake covered with wispy noodle-like strands of cream that comes in all colors of the rainbow.

Relished at chic cafes in Ginza, such as at Hills (ヒルズ) or
Tricolore (トリコロール).

Chestnut cream is the preferred flavor. Many come in the form of cupcakes that are just too cute to unravel.


>battered art

by jun0504

Created by a bored Japanese food enthusiast - no information is given on what this panko art is hiding inside.
For those of you who don't read foreign jibber jabber, here are a few selected comments:

-Never... never... never... please, no ketchup -- (yororic2y)

-Pompeii...? (id1135)
-If overfried and blackened... it'd be a burned body, oh my god. (kunakunajj)
-I'll start with the legs, hahaha, he shall never walk again (mmx1_8)
-A voodoo doll, chew it slowly thinking of that hateful guy (bibianee)
-I wonder if I should use... a knife (toymaki)
-Perfect for sex education *^^* (jw0817)
-...pugilistic attitude... (nubjuck)