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>tomato daifuku トマト大福

I've always wondered about the kind of space the idea of "tomato" takes up in people's brains. Technically a berry, it is a rather ambiguous fruit. (Vegetable??) Whimsical yet grounded. I mean, would you name your bank "Tomato Bank" if it didn't sound practical? Possibly a bit of a fad at the moment, or possibly here to stay, tomato is a joyful presence everywhere, from confectionery to nabe. Viva tomato!

Great fortune series #4: トマト大福 (tomato daifuku) トマト = tomato 大福 = great fortune

>tangerine daifuku みかん大福 mikan daifuku

Great fortune series #3: みかん大福 mikan daifuku. Mikan = tangerine. Looking yummy in orange.

>cream daifuku クリーム大福

Great fortune series #2: クリーム大福 (cream daifuku). Also known as 生クリーム大福 (nama cream daifuku). It comes in many flavors, sort of similar to ice cream flavors. So, chocolate, green tea, mango, blueberry, peach, cafe au lait, etc. etc. Here's a website.

>strawberry daifuku いちご大福 (ichigo daifuku)

Great fortune series #1: いちご大福 (ichigo daifuku). Ichigo = strawberry, 大福 = daifuku, great fortune. This is positively... sexy, wouldn't you say?

>persimmon macaroon 柿マカロン kaki macaron

More teatime treats. Now, if you had something like persimmon macaroon, who'd need anything else? Here's a website where you can find some. (Their blueberry macaron looks yummy, too.)

"Le macaron est un petit gâteau granuleux et moelleux à la forme arrondie, d'environ 3 à 5 cm de diamètre, spécialité de plusieurs villes et régions françaises." - Macaron, Wikipedia


>fiddlehead jelly cake 蕨餅/わらびもち (warabi mochi)

Traditionally, fiddlehead cake was an exclusive confection prepared for the wealthy. Basically it's translucent jelly made with fiddlehead fern starch and sugar, filled with red beans and powdered with soybean flour. Nowadays sweet potato or tapioca starch is typically used instead of fiddlehead fern starch, and it's popular in summer in the Kansai region. The cube version reminds me of Turkish delight. Considerably less sweet, apparently.

>peony cake 牡丹餅 / ぼたもち (botamochi)

Today's wabi-sabi appreciation at teatime. Purple and pretty peony cake, made with red beans, rice and sweet rice. This cake can also be called ohagi, おはぎ (御萩).

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