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>kebab кебаб and meatballs тефтели

(Moved from Feb 25, 2009)

I am surprised by the paucity of online Russian-English food glossary, in Cyrillic.

Since you enjoyed my foray into the menu of CHEBURECHNAYA (ЧЕБУРЕЧНАЯ), I will contribute just a few more items. The restaurant menu, by the way, comes with a handy calorie guide next to each dish, which I've added here as well, just for fun.

Meatballs Тефтели 452.5
Chicken breast Куриная грудка 232.5
(Lamb) Lulya kebab Люля кебаб 340.2
Lamb chops Баранина отбивная 399.7
Lamb testicles Бараньи яички 260
Veal feet soup Хаш 336.2
Veal heart Телячье сердце 263.7
Beef sweetbread Говяжья железа 245.2

Home-made sausage (not Колбаса) Домашняя сосиска 428.7
Lamb fat Бараний жир 664.5

Too many calories? Black tea (черный чай) and green tea (зеленый чай) are both listed as having 0 calories. Ура!

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