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>formaggi di bufala, Campania

(Moved from Feb 11, 2008)

A fussy lot, these Campanian water buffaloes.
No, they refuse to live on cold miserable boglands, no, never in foglands, loglands, not even on heather-strewn English moorlands.

If it had to be marshlands, it had to be in Italy, preferably not too far from the lovely Amalfi Coast. Think nice old ladies. No, they wouldn't fancy biking down to Salerno, but yes, they do adore its sunny and mild Mediterranean climate.

You wouldn't find these content bovine mammals singing happy cow tunes, but you just might catch them belting out O Sole Mio.

***Composed Cheese Plates, served with warm cranberry nut bread, fig marmelata and honey, L'Impero Restaurant, NY

Ricotta di Bufala, (Buffalo's Milk) Campania
Ficaccia (Buffalo's Milk) Campania

Tomino di Vinaccia (Buffalo's Milk) Campania
Nostrale d'Elva (Cow's Milk) Piemonte
Caprea (Goat's Milk) Campania
Robiola di Teresina (Goat's Milk) Piemonte
Pecorino Cinerino (Sheep's Milk) Campania

Blu di Valle d'Elva (Cow's Milk) Piemonte

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  1. Anonymous25.2.09

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