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>macarons aux noisettes from Per Se

Of course I couldn't eat these cuties on the spot at Per Se. I brought them home.

Macaroons are one of those things I ca
n't get enough of, and these were exquisite even after a week.

Only three...

#1 was lemon, possibly Meyer lemon. Zesty, refreshing.

I couldn't place #2 at first. Quince? Pear? Chocolate? It tasted familiar, yet better. Then it hit me. It mostly tasted like Nutella. Hazelnut (noisette) and chocolate spread. Perhaps with a bit of fruit in it. As you can see
, it dried out a little after a few days, and became crumbly. Perhaps it was meant to be crumbly, I wouldn't know.

According to Larousse Gastronomique (under macarons aux noisettes), "In accordance with a regulation regarding the naming of foodstuffs, these biscuits (cookies) may no longer commercially be called macaroons in France."


#3 was remarkably fruity berry - raspberry, perhaps.

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