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>steamed pork siu mai

I could be wrong, but siu mai is probably the most ordered dish at a dim sum restaurant. It's almost always the cheapest on the menu, and often one of the tastiest.

Zen Peninsula's version was juicy, full of flavor. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, so I don't have a picture to show you. (I am still not used to taking pictures at restaurants, although I find it easier at a busy place like this...) You've all seen siu mai. Here's a Singaporean version taken by Nathan Denise -->

I am really getting into this Chinese character business. Simplified characters are not as pretty as traditional ones, but more and more people are using them.

Here's today's character. Shao in Mandarin, to burn. Siu in Cantonese, So in Korean, Shou in Japanese.

>Steamed pork siu mai at Zen Peninsula

(In Cantonese) /fu - begin, for the first time, /yu - fish, /siu - to burn, cook, stew, bake, roast /maai - to sell

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