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>akodai the red corkeye?

Sebastes matsubarae, akodai, (yet another tai) also known as menuke ("uncorked eye") or akou, this tasty deep-sea fish is unforgettable once you've laid eyes on him. Those bulging eyeballs! Ahhh...

ako(u) (red fish) + tai = akodai

The top one on the right is an adult, and under it is a young'un, eyes not yet bulging. All that high pressure living, tsk, tsk.

As tasty as kinmedai, this sea bream/snapper/rockfish ought to be more in demand, but it doesn't even have an agreed-upon English name.

The leading contender is red rockfish, but the name is also used for slightly different rockfish varieties. So... red rock snapper? Red bulge eye? Red rock sea bream? Or akodai. Take your pick. My vote is for red corkeye, or simply, corkeye.

>Akoudai, Kanoyama, New York, NY

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