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>foie gras and shark fin pork siu mai

Lunch yesterday at Zen Peninsula restaurant in Millbrae, a mere 5 minute-drive from San Francisco International Airport.

The first item (shown below, a special size)
>Foie gras & shark fin pork siu-mai

Is it true that the sharks used in Chinese cooking are not the endangered kinds? I still feel like a criminal...

Obviously they shortened the name of this dish. Let's try our best to decipher the characters, and relate them to words used in the rest of the East Asian cultural powerhouses, the future center of the universe.

-goose (Mandarin - e, Cantonese - ngo, Korean - a/geowi, Japanese - ga/gacho)
-liver (Mandarin - gan, Cantonese - gon, Korean - gan, Japanese - kan)
-soy paste (Mandarin - jiang, Cantonese - jeung, Korean - jang, Japanese - sho)
-fish (Mandarin - yu, Cantonese - yu, Korean - eo, Japanese - gyo/sakana)
-wing (Mandarin - chi, Cantonese - chi, Korean - shi, Japanese - shi/hane)
-to sell (Mandarin - mai, Cantonese - maai, Korean - mae, Japanese - bai)

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