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What is it about lists? Everybody hates them, but wants to be on them anyway. List it, and they will come...

Three Singaporean restaurants made the "World's 100 Best Restaurants" compiled by Restaurant Magazine. Iggy's, Les Amis, and My Humble House.

My Humble House
has an unforgettable menu, and I foresee many such Chinese menus to come our way. Under cryptic menu headings such as "Memories of that spring", "The wind wafts above the shoulder", "The delicate snow fell at midnight", "Infinite pleasures at My Humble House - weekend getaway", Chinese dishes are named the way they are supposed to be in the first place. Samples:

The Inspiration –
Handspun Noodles with Fresh Shrimp Dumplings

The Beauty of Rapture -
Seasonal Veg
etables with Crabmeat and Crab Roe

Elixir of Life –

Double Boiled Soup of the Day

Delightful Dew –

My Humble House Dim Sum Trio

Deep, Deep, Ocean –
Wok Grilled Pork Ribs in Black Pepper Sauce,
served with Crisp Cigar Bun

Pillow Talk -

Grilled Fillet of Silver Cod in Savory Chicken Gravy

Paradise Found -
Steamed Marinated Fillet of Silver Cod with Egg White and Black Vinegar Sauce


Sensuous Comfort -
Signature Crisp Fried Spring Chicken
marinated in Hua Diao Wine


Night is in the Air -
Steamed Rice with Preserved Meat in Lotus Leaf


Cool Pleasures -
Chilled Snow Pear Sorbet with “Cheng Tang”

Perfect Ending -
Homemade Mango Pudding with Coconut Sorbet

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