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>Sterling white sturgeon caviar at Per Se

At Per Se restaurant, I got to sample outrageous amounts of the chef's tasting menu, while I sacrificed very little of my own vegetable tasting menu.

For the sake of this report, of course. (Of

Course #1

>CAULIFLOWER "PANNA COTTA" with Island Creek Oyster Glaze and Sterling White Sturgeon Caviar

This dish was a worthy cousin to The French Laundry's "Oysters and Pearls" "Sabayon" of Pearl Tapioca with X___ Oysters and Y___ Caviar".

These two restaurants try to use the best possible oysters and caviar depending on the season and availability. It could be Beau Soleil oysters, Malpeque oysters, Bagaduce oysters, Pearl Point oysters, Nova Scotia oysters, Caraquet oysters, or Island Creek oysters.

It could be Iranian osetra caviar, beluga, American osetra caviar, Russian sevruga caviar, or Sterling white sturgeon caviar ("transmontanus")

It's the best dish, both at The French Laundry and at Per Se. Sabayon (or zabaglione) is a traditional mousse made with champagne, served with fish or shellfish.

Champagne and caviar indeed. Cheers.


  1. nancy_macpherson@hotmail.com8.3.08

    White Sturgeon is a highly endagnered species. Why are you eating its caviar?

  2. Anonymous2.5.08

    Because she's an imbecile.

  3. Anonymous19.7.08

    White sturgeon is far from endangered, I live along the Columbia river, where some of the worlds largest sturgeon are found. do some research before uttering stupid comments.

  4. Anonymous2.3.09

    it's a matter of reproduction and not all the areas of the world that yes, can boast of having "big" sturgeon unfortunately cannot bost of having sturgeon that are continueuing to spawn. No spwan, no fish, and the species dies out. Numerous factors to blame, one possibly...dams??? Do some research...before posting stupid comments.

  5. Anonymous30.9.09

    island creek oysters with the sterling white sturgeon caviar was the best combination of delicacies of which I have ever had the pleasure.
    has anyone tried to make the sauce for the oyster? it was phenomenal. i remember the server saying they used the trimming from the oyster.