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>ishidai the false parrot fish

Yet another tai. This one seems to have more English names than the number of zebra stripes he sports. Certainly more names than our International star matodai.

(Oplegnathus fasciatus) appears here and there as striped beak perch, stone snapper, stone flounder, stone sea bream, false parrot fish, parrot bass, striped knifejaw, barred knifejaw, and simply snapper. Apparently he is NOT zebra bass.

Ishi (stone) + tai = ishidai

He makes delectable sashimi and sushi, usually costing about the same as chutoro or uni.

>Ishidai (a la carte), Ushikawa Maru, New York, NY

>Ishidai, "Live striped beak perch", Ikesu Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

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