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>tea from Cameron Highlands

Everyone has her own idea of paradise.

As a member of an
expat family living in Singapore -my dad was a branch manager of a major American company- I had plenty of favorite vacation destinations. I loved the sweltering tropics. Most of Singapore isn't quite palm trees and white sandy beaches, but if that's what you wanted, they were not too far away. The best ones were on the east coast of Malaysian peninsula. Of all the beautiful places, one place stands out. Cameron Highlands. If you stay long enough near the equator, remember this place. A relief from the heat, a completely different climate. Roses in the mist. Acres and acres of tea plantation.
While talking to my mom today, I remembered this tea. In my mind, Cameron Highlands tea is the best old-fashioned tea in the world.

Or it could just be the association. I think of repose, calm, almost chill air. Peace.

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