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>winter truffle vs. summer truffle

It's going to be spring. Can you think of a better way to mark the passing of winter than with winter truffle? (Too early for spring truffle, I'd think.) Truffle is by no means my favorite fungus, but I certainly wouldn't mind marking every season with one. Spring truffle, summer truffle, autumn truffle and winter truffle.

According to an product description, "Black winter truffles are far superior to their summer cousins. There is a long pause between the time a truffle reaches full size and the time when it fully matures. Summer truffles are less flavorful since they are dug up before the full maturation period is reached in the winter months. You will always pay more for black winter truffles. Connoisseurs prize them."

This prized winter truffle made an appearance on Per Se's vegetable tasting menu, sprinkled on their 3rd course, elevating what appeared to be a decidedly home
y dish.

Deep-fried Fingerling Potatoes, Black Winter Truffles,

Caramelized Romaine Lettuce, Potato Chips and Lettuce sauce

Or per Per Se:
“Rissolee” of Fingerling Potatoes, Black Winter Truffles,

Caramelized Romaine Lettuce, “Pomme Maxim’s et Sauce Laitue"

According to my Larousse Gastronomique, Rissole is “a small sweet or savory pastry, usually in the form of a turnover, that contains any of various fillings and is usually deep-fried. Puff pastry is usually used, but rissoles can also be made with lining pastry or brioche dough.”

I didn’t see any turnovers in this dish, just your basic tasty deep-fried potatoes.
The lettuce was delicious, and the lettuce reduction made a nice green sauce. I didn’t like the presentation that much. What do you think?

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