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>kung pao frog

There are plenty of Chinese items on the menu at "Nyonya" Malaysian restaurant in New York, since Nonya is a mix of Chinese and Malay cuisines. According to, "These early Chinese settlers wed local Malay brides and gave rise to the first generation of mixed Chinese-Malays known as Peranakan, the male being known as Baba and the female as Nyonya, pronounced nyoh-nyah and sometimes spelt Nonya."

I thought about ordering something like the following, but I ended up having other dishes. I will mention these some other time.

>Sauteed frog with kung pao sauce

Next to this item were four Chinese characters.

Kung - palace,
Pao - support, guarantee, guard, maintain
Tian - field
Ji - chicken

"Palace guard field chicken", in other words, kung pao frog. I love whimsical Chinese food names.

<-- picture by disneymike shows kung pao chicken (not frog!) at Earthen in Hacienda Heights, California

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