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>baked decaf espresso almond chocolate soil

Tasting menu at WD-50, course #10

>Soft chocolate, avocado, licorice, lime

A quenelle of lime sorbet was the tastiest thing on this busy plate.

Soft brown chocolate "stem" of this writhing beanstalk-y creature had obviously been cut from a bigger chocolate block, then twisted. It had soft Nutella consistency, so it could have been squeezed through a square tube like pasta?

The cream colored shards of "leaves" were made with white chocolate, and had strong yuzu-y accent. Avocado and mint gelee droplets decorated the plate, and a licorice comet-like streak divided the plate neatly in half. I have no idea what that was about.

Of course every writhing chocolate stalk needs a bit of soil to grow on, and there it was, looking like discarded coffee grounds. Decaf espresso coffee, powdered chocolate, almond flour and brown sugar were baked together, crumbled and piled into a little mound.

Rich dirt indeed.

Wine pairing

Albana Passito 'Frutto Proibito' Fattoria Paradiso 2003 (Romagna, Italy)

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