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Tasting menu at WD-50, course #9

>Black currant parfait, green tea, elderflower

Elderflower's elegant perfume was showcased as a big dollop of ethereal foam. But its muted flavor didn't have a chance against the dark bold punches of green tea powder and black currant. The parfait was smooth, creamy, custardy. Nice. Instead of added lychees though, I might have liked to see elderberries, too, which can be poisonous when uncooked, but wonderful made into jelly or wine.

***photo by wit

From the touch of this new power
Nothing was safe: the elder-tree that grew
Beside the well-known charnel-house had then
A dismal look, the yew-tree had its ghost
That took its station there for ornament.

--William Wordsworth

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately the season for elderberries is a couple of months after the flowers - so you'll be unlikely to see the two together (unless the elderberry product is a year old!).

    Keep up the great work.