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>foie gras "cereal"

Tasting Menu at WD-50, course #3

>Foie gras in the round

Ah, this novelty "cereal" dish failed to measure up. Clever, all right - a generous bed o
f foie gras shaped into cream-colored "rice". When foie gras and gelatin mixture is introduced into a bath of calcified water, chemical reaction results in these waxy pellets.

The foie gras looked like barley grains. Nice. The problem is, they TASTED like cold slippery barley grains, if that's possible.

Real rice also made a cameo appearance as tiny yellow crispy bits, which tasted good.

Now onto the problem ingredients - mint watercress gelee and chocolate. Now, I know the idea of chocolate in cereal is irresistible, and why not mint while we are at it? They go together so well.

In this dish, though? Just imagine a bitter mint chocolate chip cookie slathered with cold liver bits. The dissonance created here was decidedly loud, and I actually didn't finish this dish.

Wine pairing
Riesling Kabinett 'Saarburger Rausch' Zilliken 1994 (Mosel, Germany)