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>lobster sashimi

Think back 20 years and say these two words to your young self. Raw fish.

America has come a long way. Now, there are many raw options only a few people have explored, and apparently we are not even limited to seafood. Japanese sashimi eaters say we really don't need to cook our meats, even poultry, as long as they are raised with special care and are super fresh when slaughtered. It may even be the ultimate Japanese secret to long life. Be that as it may, some items will never become popular here -
horse sashimi, pork sashimi, duck sashimi, liver sashimi of all sorts and of course, whale sashimi.

But how about;

Fresh live lobster sashimi. (Ise-ebi).
Now we're talking!
And shrimp, crawfish, crab... I'll save scary mantis shrimp (shako) for some other time.

>Live lobster sashimi - Montego Bay restaurant, Sandton, South Africa

>Live Maine lobster tail sashimi with nuta (which means fish salad) sauce, real wasabi & nama shoyu & claws served with warm tempura sauce - Afterglo, Miami Beach, FL

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