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>white chocolate granita

Per Se restaurant Tasting of Vegetables menu course #8

Per Se Granola, White Chocolate Granite
and Chai Tea Emulsion

The granita was like eating fluffy velvety snow. A lovely combination with rich sorbet and crunchy granola.

Granita/Granite (Larousse Gastronomique):
A type of Italian sorbet popularized by Tortoni in Paris in the 19th century. It is a half-frozen preparation with a granular texture (hence its name), made of a lightly sweetened syrup or of a syrup flavored with coffee or liqueur. Unlike sorbet, granita does not contain any Italian meringue.

Make a light syrup with fruit juice (such as lemon, orange, tangerine, passion fruit, or mango) or very strong coffee. Cool the syrup, then pour it into an ice tray and freeze for 3-4 hours without stirring. The granita will then have a granular texture.

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