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>banana blossom

Banana flower.

A sweet and crunchy flower wonderful in salads. Should it be considered a vegetable? You notice its similarity to an artichoke, which, by the way, is also a flower.

>Banana flower salad - shredded grilled chicken, banana flower, pears, daikon, carrots, roasted shallots and basil - Bui, Berkeley, CA

>Banana blossom and artichoke salad, banana blossom with hearts of artichoke with or without prawn, toasted coconut and cashew nuts - Marnee Thai, San Francisco, CA

>Rice vermicelli with orange curry and braised salmon, baked shallot and banana blossom, Scallop 'ceviche' Peep styel with salad of spring onion, grilled banana, banana blossom, and mint cream - Peep, New York, NY

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