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>roasted fruit and vegetables

Among "roast" definitions, from

-To cook by exposure to radiant heat before a fire; as, to roast meat on a spit, or in an oven open toward the fire and having reflecting surfaces within; also, to cook in a closed oven.
-To cook by surrounding with hot embers, ashes, sand, etc.; as, to roast a potato in ashes.
-To dry and parch by exposure to heat; as, to roast coffee; to roast chestnuts, or peanuts.
-Hence, to heat to excess; to heat violently; to burn.
-To cook meat, fish, etc., by heat, as before the fire or in an oven.

-That which is roasted; a piece of meat which has been roasted, or is suitable for being roasted.
-Roasted; as, roast beef.

Meat, fish, potato, chestnuts, coffee - but these typical definitions overlook the important items happening on restaurant menus, roasted (also grilled and charred) fruits and vegetables. Roasted tomatoes, roasted red peppers, roasted eggplants, roasted squashes, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted asparagus, roasted root veggies, roasted onions, roasted leeks, roasted garlic cloves, roasted seaweed, roasted chili peppers, roasted peaches, roasted plums...

A recent dinner at Flora with a cousin visiting from Georgetown University was a memorably good one. Four months after it opened ("people will flock to this former floral depot no matter what, I promise"), it has undergone a major menu change, and it has already become a neighborhood institution. Their caramel pudding alone should become an institution.

Roasted fruit and veggie sightings on Flora menu - fennel, pineapple, red beets, cauliflower.

>puntarelle, roasted fennel, pancetta, lemon-anchovy vinaigrette, shaved pepato cheese
>seared sonoma foie gras, pineapple-ginger fritter, roasted pineapple, spiced pineapple gastrique
>seared scallops, roasted red beets, beurre blanc, kumquat relish
>roasted cauliflower, Moroccan charmoula, pinenut and parmesan risotto, sauteed chard

What kind of roasted vegetable would I like? Beets me. (Sorry.)

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