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>risotto alle fragole, pink strawberry risotto

Pretty in pink?
Or Pepto Bismol putrid?

Opinions seem to be neatly divided into two rather incompatible camps. Either you lust after this summery fruit risotto or you spurn its kind like some noxious porridge.

Popular pink, purple or red rice concoctions are also created with red wine (risotto al vino rosso), beets (risotto alle barbabietole) or other berries.

>risotto alle fragole, Ristorante Velando, Borgo Vittorio, Roma
>risotto alle fragole, Ristorante Vecchio Mulino, Palestro PV, Italy
>risotto con le fragole, La Famiglia, London

Want to try making it at home? You can find the recipe here.

Dessert suggestions;
1) un bicchierino di panna cotta alle fragole
2) pink strawberry balls (ichigo daifuku イチゴ大福)

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