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>pansotti, paccheri, tajarin, lune...

Unlike the more comprehensive pasta list I made for New York's L'Impero, I am going to abbreviate the pasta list at San Francisco's Perbacco. One evening in early March, I found the following choices. Agnolotti, tajarin, gnocchi, pansotti, paccheri, lune, pappardelle and ravioli. Some of these dishes are listed on this Zagat menu.

>pansotti (pictured on the right) / braised chard / ricotta / herbs / walnut butter
>paccheri (pictured on the left) - large pasta tubes / heritage breed pork spare rib ragu / Bellwether Farm's ricotta
>butternut squash lune / sage butter / Castelmagno cheese
>tajarin - handcut tagliatelle / 5 hour pork sugo / porcini mushrooms

My list is so brief today, it should be easy to digest. As for lune the big round ravioli, try singing "when the moon hits your eye like a bigga lune pie(?) that's amore..." Okay, supposedly it's "White Day", today.

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