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>sweet nothings - tributes in red, white, black and blue

I am not making fun of this commercially sacred and festive red-saturated day, am I?

As Ophelia sang, tomorrow is St. Valentine's Day. If she was born in the era of modern greeting cards, and was awaiting March 14th instead of February 14th, AND IF she was less ruefully inclined and more tartly or mathematically inclined, she might have been persuaded to sing of Pi Day, as well.

Pi day, yes, March 14th, is also designated as "White Day", when you are supposed to return the favor you received a month earlier, with a gift sufficiently white-chocolaty or marshmallow candy-coated.


Not a bad candidate for the next month, but it would be a wrong color. April 14th has been appropriated by some people as Black Day, when you could gather to indulge in black food together to either celebrate your chic singledom or to wallow in dark gooey sauce.

(This is nutty... so what is May 14th, then?)

It would depend on what you're celebrating.

Let's see. The curiously over-eulogized Frank Sinatra, Ol' Blue Eyes, died the same day Seinfeld aired its final episode after 9 years, on 5/14, 1998. It is Independence Day in Israel - their flag is blue. You are still alone after all these cheerful get-togethers.

"Blue Day", it seems, at this point.

No, really, I am not making fun of any of these. Bring on the Blue M&M's and Jelly Belly Berry Blue Jelly Beans. :)

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