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>white strawberry (白いイチゴ)

Violets are blue.
Strawberries are... white?

Not only is this white strawberry still a strawberry, it can be a seductively sweet strawber
ry. Size is comparable to red ones, bigger than yellow-tinted alpine strawberries.

Lovely novelty gifts of fruits and vegetables are irresistible,
and more developers are coming up with interesting new cultivars.

One pink-tinged white strawberry breed is being grown near the city of 防府 (Hohu) in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and is still waiting for a proper name. So far, it goes simply by 白い苺 or 白いイチゴ, "white strawberry".

The white cake sold at 洋菓子工房ゆーたん bakery in the town of Matsumi (pictured on the right) is decorated with a mix of regular red strawberries and these still rare gems.

Why is the strawberry sad?
Because she is in a ...

No worries - you won't see THIS kid in a jam anytime soon.

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