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>silkie, the black-skinned white chicken

The orthodox Taihe Black-Boned chicken has ten apparent characteristics: blue comb, green earlobes, bearded, feathered shanks, white silky feathers, crest, black bones, black muscles and black skin, five toes.

FIVE TOES. Freaky?

This creature, the most common variety being the "silkie" chicken, was in my soup today at a Chinese restaurant in Oakland. A comforting soup with jujubes, ginseng, and generous chunks of black chicken meat.

I am not going to dispute its alleged medicinal benefits. The important thing is, it tasted even better than most chickens.

>Black skin silkie chicken, roasted mushroom jus, fingerling potatoes & brussels sprouts - The Dundee bistro, Dundee, OR

>Slow-braised pork leg with duck and black chicken soup with chinese herb - Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand


  1. Anonymous17.7.09

    How sad and pathetic they look, dead and plucked with broken necks :( But they taste great, so that's OK, right?

  2. Anonymous27.8.09

    we will look that way too one day -

  3. Anonymous12.5.10


  4. Anonymous24.5.10

    I want to raise them too...

  5. Anonymous22.8.10

    they look soooo sad sittin there
    it looks bad with the neck broken!