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>rosemary flower

This is an intended pairing – essentially the same refreshing dish - near the beginning of the dinner, and presented again toward the end as a gentle introduction to the dessert courses. Courtesy of David at Manresa.

The dish in question is citrus salad with mostly grapefruit and blood orange, served as the second amuse bouche in a bottom-heavy shot glass. Tall but stable. An appropriate mini spoon is perfect for digging out the goodies lightly buried in translucent jasmine tea gelee, sprinkled with tiny sprigs of mint.

After all the savory courses, a citrus salad with similar grapefruit and blood orange mix was p
resented on a pretty rectangular white plate.
In place of mint, I found the enchanting presence of whole rosemary flowers . Tiny petals packed with perfume, adding velvety texture to the pretty dish.

>Marinated lamb with an infusion of rosemary flower - Koal Keel restaurant, Anguilla

>Rosemary flower butter - The Lounge restaurant, Firenze, Italy

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