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>fresh young garlic plant

When we say garlic, we think.... root. Not a young one, either. Old and mature is what we want.

Fresh young things aren't always overlooked, though.

There sat a sassy mound of white paste tinged with fresh green - puree of youthful garlic with the consistency of creamy mashed potato.

The sixth savory course at Manresa was duck in duck. Or should I call it duck two ways in one single dish.

Crisp/tender duck breast stuffed with smooth confit of duck leg meat and duck liver.
Luca called the stuffing foie gras, and it was, sort of. A liver confit cured lovingly over time with herbs and duck fat. Sitting on garlic puree and garnished with a bit of chives. This was a comforting dish. Sass, a neat counterpoint.

>Young garlic soup with thyme, sauteed frog legs - Jean Georges, New York, NY

>Pan seared Alaskan halibut, with sauteed wild ramps, spring garlic, sugar peas and fresh morel sauce - Patina, Los Angeles, CA

>Cote de boeuf, served with a wild mushroom casserole, creamed young garlic and baby spinach gratin, Yukon gold potato and shallot saute - Patina, Los Angeles, CA

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