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>milk skin

Manresa's fourth savory course was a lavish piece of red Monterey abalone steak.

It lay on a blanket of snow white milk skin. A simple accompaniment of delectable golden nuggets of cauliflower tempura (deep-fried in peanut oil).

I’ve played with milk skin before, and I am not talking about a skin care product. You know, the thin film which forms over boiled milk. I didn’t realize such a generous portion, the size of a wonton wrapper, was even possible to retrieve in solid sheets,
but here it was, wholesome yet sensual.

Some restaurants even bake this stuff. Some decide to go soy instead.

>Slow cooked quail breasts, baby radishes, spring onions, truffle infused milk custard, Oloroso reduction, baked milk skin - Quay restaurant, Sydney, Australia

>Homard lobster and taro, wrapped in soy milk skin - Restaurant Terroir, Tokyo, Japan

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