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>wine jelly vs. vodka jelly

Can you gel wine?

Port wine jelly, pinot noir wine jelly, viognier wine jelly. Yummy sounding, but what you find most often in stores are wine-flavored non-alcoholic jellies.

Kiddie-friendly spreads are not the kinds we are really interested in, are they.

Wine jellies should be relatively simple to make. Why non-alcoholic?

A misconception:
Alcohol keeps the wine from gelling. Not true. This is not about freezing the alcohol. Ever tried vodka jelly? We know that alcohol actually increases gel strength.

Wine is an alcohol, yes, a relatively weak one, and it's an acidic drink, a good candidate for a pectin jelly, if it weren't so watery.

In an attempt to create a more dense mixture by evaporating the water (aren't we going up to over 200F), unfortunately the alcohol is boiled away first (about 173F under standard atmospheric conditions).

Darn it.

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