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>sugar vs. fruit sugar

I saw a packet of fructose being sold in the supermarket, and I had to stop myself.


1) fructose is easy to process into crystals or syrups and
2) it is the sweetest of all the sugars and relatively cheap,

...why don't I see more of it?

(1 glucose molecule + 1 fructose molecule = 1 sucrose molecule, so 1 common sugar molecule is twice as big as a fructose molecule.)

Fructose is the sugar in fruits and honey, and processed fruit drinks also have plenty of it. It would actually be handy to have at home to make cold drinks like lemonades. Compared to table sugar, it dissolves much more easily, and only half would be needed (half the calories!) to sweeten the same amount. It however loses a lot of sweetness at high temperatures.

Sucrose is most versatile in the kitchen since we need to use it in hot drinks, candies, cakes and cookies.

Too much sugar, any sugar, is never a good idea, but it's always good to have an option.

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