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>wagyu vs. fatback

Status food.

If we order something precisely because it is more expensive, it fits in this category. The current ultimate expense account lunch, well-marbled wagyu (gaigyu??) is most definitely overrated, and most certainly a status food.

Because we tend to deprive ourselves of fatty cuts at home, premium fatty meat tastes even better at restaurants, so we gratefully pay through the nose for the chance to indulge. Granted, wagyu certainly tastes good, but so does a Shake Shack burger.

Since we'd have to be unafraid of saturated fat eating wagyu, let's go all out and feast on
premium quality pork fat which seldom sees the restaurant light of day in this country.

If you can't stomach anything called pork fat on the menu, the restaurant will happily disguise it for you. Speck, slanina, salo. Lardon?

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