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>wild goose egg

The city of Oakland suffers a big headache when it comes to Canadians. They enter the country and refuse to leave.

Canada geese, that is. Having forgotten that they are migrating fowls, they live all-year-round on Lake Merritt. What's the big deal? The answer is um, privy.

Here is such a sensible idea I am not sure Oakland has tried it yet. When in doubt, do what the Eskimos do. Hunt the eggs down.

Let children loose around the park on Easter (or whenever the egg laying season is) and offer some serious prize for the yummy eggs, before they hatch into super adorable goslings.

I don't recall trying goose eggs, but I am told they are very tasty indeed. As for the numerous birds themselves? I live in Berkeley, so I cannot contemplate what a kid at an Austin County Fair suggests we do.


  1. Anonymous12.10.09

    So whats your point?

  2. Anonymous1.5.10

    I'm not sure she has a point....maybe she likes to cull geese?