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>burger-flavored potato chips, Frankfurter chips, bossam kimchi chips...

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Well, these potato chips do sound fascinating.

メガバーガー味 (Mega Burger flavor) "American taste" potato chips

Fans of bossam ("wrap" 보쌈) kimchi (김치) may (or may not) appreciate bossam kimchi flavored potato chips. ポッサムキムチ味 ポテトチップス

No shortage of selections:

-pizza potato chips ポテトチップス ピザ味
"Topped with a nice gooey blend of two cheeses, Cheddar and Emmentaler. You can definitely taste the cheese. All flavors of the ingredients (
cheese, tomatoes, salami and spices) balance nicely for an authentic pizza taste."
-seaweed and salt chips ポテトチップス のりしお
-mentaiko (fish roe) chips ポテトチップス 明太子味
-ever popular "consommé" chips ポテトチップス コンソメ
-(white) shrimp flavored chips しろえびポテトチップス
-and of course, "juicy" Frankfurter potato chips. Yes, of course. ジューシーフランクフルト味 ポテトチップス

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  1. O'Zack Gyoza Chips and the あさりバター ポテトチップス (Clam and butter potato chips) have amused me at times.