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>gomatamago, ごまたまご, fake egg sesame cake and pudding

goma ごま, 胡麻 (sesame) + tamago たまご, (egg) = goma tamago (sesame egg)

You find "hard-boiled eggs" on a plate on my table. They may not be all they are cracked up to be. There is a chance they
happen to be gomatamago cake. White chocolate shell, sponge cake white, black sesame and bean paste yolk.

If you are into this egg thing, do go after fake egg cups filled with pudding, ごまたまごプリ
ン。(gomatamago "purin"/"puring") Yum.

(For sesame seed lovers)
白ごま (しろごま, shirogoma) = white sesame
黒ごま (くろ
ごま, kurogoma) = black sesame
金ごま (きんごま, kingoma) = golden sesame

オープンセサミ! = Open Sesame!


  1. Anonymous7.8.09

    Man, that looks delicious.

  2. Anonymous7.8.09

    Where can you buy this?

  3. Like Tokyo Hiyoko (東京ひよ子) and Tokyo Banana (東京バナナ), it is from Tokyo. It was invented at Ginza Tamaya bakery (銀座たまや)

  4. Anonymous27.10.09

    where can i buy gomatamago in singapore?