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>papaya breakfast

What would be the breakfast you could have every day and not get tired of?

Bacon and eggs? Bagels with cream cheese and lox. Blueberry pancakes. Cafe au lait and croissants. A hot bowl of congee.

My vote is for Turkish breakfast - olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, yogurt, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, bread with butter, jam, marmalade or honey, tea. Indeed, during the two-week stay, I never got tired of the same old breakfast. I wanted to continue, but how?

There is a runner-up. Points for doability. Extra points for having craved it this morning.

Large, juicy papaya breakfast.

The simplest recipe;
-Cut in half.
-Scrape the seeds off.
-Sprinkle with Maldon sea salt.
-Get a spoon. Dig in!

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