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>sole vs. halibut

Even as I resolve to become a more knowledgeable eater, any flatfish is vaguely interchangeable in my mind.

Halibut is the large tasty creature fishermen get all excited about, and sole - I know it mostly as that familiar harborside buttery main course, classier than a flounder.
I remember hearing stories about different kinds of flounders and turbots being able to face each other, because their eyes are on the opposite sides. It's a bit confusing and if you try to keep track of which ones face which way, it gets complicated. These are flounders with some serious issues.

Shown here are just 2 examples out of numerous different kinds.

<-- "right-eyed" sole and "left-eyed" halibut --> 

Both make good sashimi and sushi - karei (カレイ) and hirame (ヒラメ).

>Poached halibut, sweet and sour golden and red beets, citrus and extra virgin olive oil emulsion - Le Bernardin Restaurant, New York, NY

>Sole amandine, filet of sole with almonds and sun-dried tomatoes - Tempo restaurant, Alexandria, VA

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