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>butter dish match-up, Le Bernardin vs. Jean Georges, top New York French restaurants

Lucky me. Got to savor back-to-back French cuisine prepared by consummate New York chefs, at
Jean Georges (Jean Georges Vongerichten) and Le Bernardin (Eric Ripert.) Which of these fine French restaurant meals did I enjoy more? They were both excellent, but at the risk of you calling me thoroughly spoiled, I do have to tell you I am, at the moment, a bit tired of these same old same old swanky fare. So I won't chronicle the food in detail. Sorry! iPhone photos, Jean Georges above, Le Bernardin below. So, who "wins"? What shall I compare? Le diable est dans les détails, mais bien sûr. On one score, one of these restaurants wins by a considerable margin. Yes, I do love butter so, I never get tired of the truly fine butter they serve at these fine establishments. Le Bernardin servers would keep taking my butter dish away before the butter was even half-consumed, replacing it with a fresh one. They repeated this three times with understated flair. Alas, Jean Georges failed to notice the butter dish as it was completely consumed. Le Bernardin wins!! Yay!!!

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