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>full of ginger

The ginger family (Zingiberaceae) has so much more to offer us than just the humble root we find in the supermarket.

Take fresh turmeric which looks very much like our common ginger,
only bright orange. Or faintly pink galangal. Light maroonish myoga.

>La Vong monkfish pan seared in galangal, green onions & turmeric, with fresh dill & fried shallots - Bong Su restaurant & lounge, San Francisco, CA

>Sea bream with myoga, taro root, beet and shiso chips, and

>Tataki of bonito or katsuo
seared over an open flame, chive, myoga, mitsuba, ginger, garlic chips and tosa soy, and

>Big eye tuna and wild tai sashimi, grilled tai skin salad with myoga, white truffle, mitsuba stem - Sea saw restaurant, Scottsdale, AZ

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