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>salmon caviar vs. trout caviar

If rarity makes a product more distinguished, trout roe seems doomed to be run-of-the-mill from the start.

Considering how familiar salmon roe
-'salmon caviar'- is in sushi joints (ikura), trout roe or 'trout caviar' seems somewhat of a novelty, yet it crops up from a bountiful source.

Just like its fellow roe-harvestees (sturgeon, paddlefish, whitefish...), a trout can be bursting with eggs. The trout roe looks like mini salmon roe, similar in color and and bubble wrap texture.

Already widely enjoyed in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe, trout caviar is increasingly mass-produced in farms. Caviar extracted from farmed trouts may not be killed for the eggs, unlike "the iconic caviar producers" which "must be killed to extract their caviar, and are becoming increasingly rare in their native Russian waterways" according to

>Toast with fried quail eggs, trout caviar and butter, El Lliure, Barcelona, Spain
>Artic char tartare with basil and trout caviar, Bar Room at The Modern, New York, NY

>Poached lobster Russian salad, water vinaigrette & ocean trout caviar, Village East, London, UK

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