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>fragrant pear vs. more fragrant pear

The fruit with the catchiest name du jour is "fragrant pear", also known as Korla, Koerle, Korle with o-umlaut, Kurla or Kurle pear - after the western Chinese region the fruit hails from.

They somewhat resemble ya pears from the eastern regions of China, but they are tastier, and it is nice to be able to find them now in the markets. (99 Ranch Market, Berkeley Bowl)

The fragrance, crispness or juiciness of this novelty fruit, however, does not measure up to the good old nashi varieties of pear, a familiar sight in most stores.

Update (Dec. 18, 2006)
Check out Harold McGee's detailed blog.

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  1. Anonymous29.12.06

    New May Wah market on Clement Street (at 8th Avenue) in San Francisco has frangrant pears, Ya Li pears, and other Asian varieties in stock this week. New May Wah is a great resource for Asian produce & groceries.