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>"parent-child" bowl 親子丼 vs. "strangers" bowl 他人丼

What is oyakodon (親子丼)? This donburi dish comes with chicken and eggs. A family assembled in a bowl.

(parent) + (child) +
(bowl) = oyakodon

What is in tanindon (他人丼)? This donburi comes with meat (beef, pork...) and eggs, that is to say, strangers gathered in a bowl.

(other, third) + (person) + (bowl) = tanindon

Don't like parents or strangers? You want to go simply eggy? Then 卵丼 it is.

(egg) + (bowl) = tamagodon

Don't like bowls? Omuraisu, then - not tonight, though, brat.

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