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>カルメ焼, 뽑기, no-bake stovetop sugar cookies

Why are we so oven-oriented? Hot oven air is hardly an efficient heat transmitter, yet we are in love with it.

Baking cookies requires more than a little
patience. (At least I think so!) After painstakingly preparing the dough and laying them out on a cookie sheet, typically you preheat your oven to, say, 350 degrees (which takes forever) and bake, say, for 15 minutes. Then, you have to clean up all the mess you've made.

Walking to a bakery for a fresh baked cookie is a much ea
sier option. What, you don't have a bakery within walking distance?

In any case, the possibility of instant skillet cookies might be a tempting one.
Is there such a thing?

Flourless sugar cookies such as karumeyaki (a.k.a. dalgona) and popki sugar cutouts (カルメ焼き, 달고나, 뽑기) more than hint that there are unexplored stovetop possibilities.

This video shows how this is done. Magic. Ingredients? Simplicity itself. Its essence is sugar, a bit of baking soda, and precise chemistry timing in a mini copper skillet.

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