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>boquerones - white anchovy

Forget the cans.

For some reason, we are still unable to completely separate ourselves from cans of anchovy the way we can with fresh spinach/canned spinach, fresh tomatoes/canned tomatoes, fresh artichokes/canned artichokes, fresh corn/canned corn, etc. etc.

It's not the same thing.

Fresh anchovy, marinated slightly in vinegar and oil the way they do in Italy and Spain, is one of the tastiest fish around.

photo by southeast star -->

Not that I mind the canned stuff on pizzas.

But it's not _ the _ same _ thing. (It's all about repetition to get the message across.)

A recent appetizer I enjoyed at B44, a Catalan restaurant in San Francisco.
(Catalonia is also Catalunya, Cataluna, Catalonha.)
>Boquerones, cured white anchovies with pears and Idiazabal cheese

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